Traveling Theatre coming to New Richmond Bandstand

Members of The Rivers Institute Traveling Theatre of Hanover College.
By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

The Rivers Institute Traveling Theatre of Hanover College will be coming to New Richmond June 22 to perform a free play at the bandstand for Clermont County residents.

The theatre will be performing “Nothing Stops This Train,” a play by Terence Boyle about the Underground Railroad.

“You really can’t beat it,” Gary Skeene, who helped organize the event, said about the opportunity to watch the play.

Skeene said the event is free and the traveling theatre puts on a good performance that is based on historical events.

He said this year the play will be about John and Sarah Tibbets, a family who lived in New Richmond, and a slave named Georgina, who all help slaves escape across the Ohio River.

Skeene said audience members will also be learning a song called “Follow the Drinking Gourd,” during the performance.

Skeene said last year was the first time they hosted the traveling theatre in New Richmond.

He said he kind of accidentally came across the traveling theatre while researching on the internet. He said he read about the traveling theatre and decided to reach out about having a performance in New Richmond.

“When they were ready for scheduling this year they called us back,” Skeene said about having the theatre perform again.

He said they hope to continue to host the theatre in the future.

“Next year, of course, is our bicentennial,” Skeene said. “We are really hoping next year we have the same opportunities.”

The performance of “Nothing Stops This Train,” will be at 7 p.m. June 22 at the Bandstand in New Richmond. The event is free and available for residents of all ages.

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