Union Township Trustees approve two new ambulances

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

Union Township Trustees approved the purchase of two new ambulances during their June 13 meeting.

Administrator Ken Geis talked to trustees about the process of purchasing the ambulances before they approved the purchase order.

“Last year we planned to purchase two ambulances,” Geis said. “But we did not budget it for this year.”

Geis said Fire Chief Stan Deimling was vigilant this year when it came to researching prices and looking at state contracts for ambulances.

“We researched what was available, what kind of discounts we could apply to the purchase of these ambulances, negotiated the pricing and then also made sure they were available through the state contract,” Deimling said about the process. “We negotiated the price from there.”

Deimling said it was questionable whether or not they would be able to purchase the ambulances since they had not budgeted for them, however he said they were able to save nearly $25,000 on each ambulance.

“As a result we were able to purchase ambulances on a state negotiated contract,” Geis said.

Geis said the cost of the two new ambulances, which were purchased through Alpha Omega Industries, was $207,000.

He thanked Chief Deimling for being involved in that process and saving the township around $50,000.

“That really is helpful to us,” Geis said.

Geis said the township was in need of the ambulances.

“There is only a certain useful time span for the ambulances,” Geis said. “These ambulances will really be helpful to the fire department and emergency services.”

Deimling said the new ambulances will be replacing two of the ambulances they are currently using. He said those ambulances will be used as reserve ambulances.

Deimling said they expect the ambulances to arrive within 60 days.