Milford changes trash pickup

By Jordan Puckett
Sun staff

The City of Milford’s recycling and garbage pickup contract is set to expire at the end of July. Under the new contract, which begins Aug. 1, trash collection for all residents of Milford will take place on Thursday of each week.

“Milford is one of the few remaining cities in Ohio that has multiple day per week pickup,” said City Manager Jeff Wright in a recent city countil meeting. “(One day a week) simply is the new norm.”

“Rumpke has been good at listening to our concerns,” Wright said. “We want to make this transition as smooth as possible for the residents.”

Residents who have trash collection Monday through Wednesday will have two collections the first week of the contract. The first will be on their regular pickup day and the second will be Thursday August 1.

After this, collection will only take place on Thursdays for the length of the three-year contract.

“Studies have shown that there are benefits to this,” Wright said. “Heavy trucks traveling the same streets five times each week will damage the roads. Single day pickup will reduce the amount of traffic on our streets.”

Along with the reduced traffic, Wright pointed out that single day pickup would also be more aesthetically pleasing.

“There won’t be Monday through Friday various parts of the city having trash and recycling out on the curb,” he said.

Flyers will be placed on the tops of garbage cans to alert residents of the coming change. As of now, resident rates will not be raised on August 1 with the new Rumpke contract. However, Wright said city council will have to evaluate the cost and may make changes at a later date.