Campers get a chance to meet Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds player Derrick Robinson introduced himself to children at the Reds Rookie Success League in Batavia Township June 17.

Cincinnati Reds player Derrick Robinson introduced himself to children at the Reds Rookie Success League in Batavia Township June 17.
By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

Children participating in the Reds Rookie Success League had an opportunity to play baseball with some of their idols June 17 when two Cincinnati Reds players stopped by the camp in Batavia Township.

Curtis Partch, a pitcher, and Derrick Robinson, an outfielder, played baseball or tee ball with all the children at the camp while they were there.

The players shook hands with the campers and answered a multitude of questions from “What was your favorite baseball game?” to “Do you like winning or losing?”

“It was awesome,” Neil Kamphaus, an 11-year-old camp participant said about meeting Reds players. “It was such an honor. I don’t usually get to meet Reds players.”

Andrew Bellamah, also 11 years old, said his favorite part of meeting Derrick Robinson was shaking his hand.

“Wow,” Bellamah said about the experience.

Zach Cope, a 7-year-old, also enjoyed the experience.

“It’s really fun talking to them,” Cope said.

After playing baseball with the Reds players, campers were able to ask Partch and Robinson questions before they had to head back to Great American Ballpark.

Both players said they enjoyed being able to come visit Reds Rookie Success League.

“This is awesome,” Robinson said about being able to come to the camp. “They are great kids, they’re having fun, and it’s making me have fun.”

Robinson said the Reds is a great organization, and he has enjoyed his time in Cincinnati so far. He said he was glad to be able to come to Rookie Success League.

“I didn’t have this opportunity as a kid to mingle with professional players,” Robinson said. “To get to do it is awesome.”

Partch also said he enjoyed being able to visit with the campers.

“It was really cool,” Partch said. “They are having fun.”

In addition to a visit from the Reds, June 17 also marked Sponsor Day at the Reds Rookie Success League.

Officials from various businesses and organizations that helped support the program were recognized for their contributions.

Volunteers and officials with University of Cincinnati Clermont College, the Clermont County Chamber of Commerce, Batavia Township, and more attended Sponsor Day.

This is the second year the Reds Rookie Success League has been held in Batavia Township. There are several other leagues held throughout the Greater Cincinnati area as part of the Cincinnati Reds Community Fund programs.

The Reds Rookie Success League in Batavia runs from June 10 – July 2 and is held on Mondays and Tuesdays each week. The camp teaches children basic baseball skills but also includes many character-building activities and lessons each day.

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