Marathoners raise funds to benefit the Corey Nickell Scholarship Fund

Some of the marathoners presenting a check from MAC to Jim and Deb Nickell for the Corey Nickell scholarship fund.
A $1,100 check was recently presented to Jim and Deb Nickell at Miami Athletic Club for the Corey Nickell Scholarship Fund. Corey Nickell lost his fight against Neuroblastoma cancer at the age of 4 after a 2-1/2 year courageous battle.

Neuroblastoma is mainly a tumor of infancy/early childhood. The majority of Neuroblastoma cases are diagnosed in children younger than 5 years of age. The tumor is often present at birth but not detected until later, when it has grown to a noticeable size and/or starts to cause symptoms.

Corey’s dad, Jim Nickell, MAC member and a Milford Fire Captain, said “Corey was the love of our life and our motivation to continue the scholarship is in remembrance of his wonderful character and courageous fight against Neuroblastoma.”

For the past four years and benefitting the Corey Nickell Scholarship Fund, Terry Stransky, a Miami Athletic Club member and trainer, lead a group of Miami Athletic Club members and participants in a running group teaching them how to prepare for running marathons.

Stransky, a seasoned runner and marathoner, designed and lead the training programs for the participants this year. This year, Stransky trained and conditioned 21 participants to see them through various courses and marathons, many running distance and marathons for the first time.

Some of the participants were Lysa Meyer, Kathy Hull, Mandy Agnew, Nina and Steve Locasha, Nancy and Craig Giles, George Rendell, Ander Lindquist, Mary Brafford, Barb Caramania, others ran in the Flying Pig relay, Flying Pig “triple crown” which includes the 5K, 10K and half marathon, or the Pig half marathon or full marathon. One participant ran the Indianapolis half marathon the day before the Pig. Some of these participants have now committed to run in the Rim to Rim, Grand Canyon next spring.

Lysa Meyer, who ran the “triple” in the Flying Pig raised an additional $3,500 for the scholarship by herself as well.