Truck crashes into Amelia diner

The corner of Great Scott Diner that was damaged in the accident.

The corner of Great Scott Diner that was damaged in the accident.
By Jordan Puckett
Sun staff

Ryan Toliver, 23, lost control of his Ford F-250 truck on Main Street in Amelia and crashed into the corner of Great Scott Diner at approximately 11 p.m. June 4.

Officer Jeff Wood responded to the scene shortly after the accident occurred. Toliver was taken to the hospital, though he suffered no serious injuries. He was cited for failure to maintain reasonable control.

“We came out to see the damage last night and it looked pretty bad,” said owner Laura Krauser. “When we came out this morning though, in the daylight it looked like a tornado had come through.”

The truck had crashed through outdoor tables, a small fence, and ran over parking blocks before skidding on its side into the corner of the diner. The top of the cab tore through the wall of the restaurant. The truck finally came to a stop in the field adjacent to the diner’s parking lot.

“We’re very thankful for our staff and our regular customers who came out to help,” Krauser said. “They were out here at 8:30 this morning.”

The accident only damaged the diner’s game room. The dining room was unaffected. A structural inspector came out the next morning and cleared the diner to open for dinner later that night.