County approves committee to draw up land use plan

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

Clermont County Commissioners approved a resolution to allow the Department of Community and Economic Development to create a 20-person Comprehensive Advisory Committee during their June 5 session.

Andy Kuchta, director of the Department of Community and Economic Development, said the advisory committee will be meeting one time per month to help develop an updated Comprehensive Land Use Plan for the county.

“The plan is going to include quite a large variety of topics including housing, economic development, transportation, water and sewer infrastructure, even watershed issues,” Kuchta said.

He said Ashley Combs, and other staff at the department of community and economic development, are working to compile information, statistics and existing plans used by surrounding townships and villages so that they can have one plan for the county.

Kuchta said the plan will not be recommending changes or trumping existing plans in villages and townships, but rather will give people a repository of information in one spot.

“It’s going to be really nice to have all the relevant documents in one place,” Kuchta said. “Anyone interested in the community for a variety of reasons will know they can go to the comprehensive plan part of the website, and they can find infrastructure plans and plans from local communities as part of that.”

Kuchta said having a comprehensive plan will also make the county more competitive for different grant programs.

Kuchta said the last time the county had a comprehensive land use plan made was in 1978. He said they have never had a plan available online.

“It will be one place you can go and see the zoning for the whole county on one map,” Kuchta said about the plan.

Kuchta said they spent time researching plans, and they decided to create an advisory committee to help with the plan.

“We wanted to reach out and find subject matter experts in topic areas we are talking about and key stakeholders who could be affected by this plan,” Kuchta said.

He said they wanted to keep the committee at around 20 individuals.

Individuals who are on the advisory committee include Chris Wick with the Clermont County Public Library; Chris Clingman with the Clermont County Park District; Annette Decatur with the Department of Community and Economic Development; Donna Cann, Mark Carter and Peter Kay, with the Clermont County Planning Commission; Jim Watson, civil engineer and resident; Rebecca McClatchey and John McManus, with the Clermont County Soil and Water Conservation District; Larry Keith, architect and resident; Matt Van Sant with the Clermont County Chamber of Commerce; Robert Wildey and Julianne Nesbit, with the Clermont County General Health District; Jeff Hebeler, with the Ohio Valley Development Council; and Wendy Moeller and Lois McKnight, planners and residents.

Kuchta said the committee will meet one time each month.

He said once the plan is complete, commissioners will have to approve it.

“Our goal is to have a final version for their review in December,” Kuchta said.

Clermont County Commissioners said it is time that the plan be updated.

“We’ve been wanting this for a long time,” Commissioner Bob Proud said.

Commissioner Ed Humphrey said anyone wishing to attend the meetings will be able to do so.

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