Batavia Township Trustees discuss waste contract

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

Batavia Township Trustees discussed the possibility of going out to bid for a township-wide waste removal contract during their June 3 meeting.

“We have had several complaints about the hours of pick-up and dealing with the company,” Batavia Township Administrator Rex Parsons said.

Parsons said some townships have a centralized contract that is either funded through a levy or individually billed to each resident.

Paul Braasch, director of the Clermont County Office of Environmental Quality, talked with trustees about the different options they have if they want to purse a waste contract and also gave them examples of other contracts in the county.

“Right now, any individual can contract with anyone they want,” Braasch said about the current township regulations. “You all have the ability to contract out for one hauler, bid the contract out, and define the services you want.”

Braasch said they just finished helping Monroe Township design and bid out a contract for the entire township. He said township residents were paying around $20 per month for waste removal services, and they settled on a contract for $11 per month with curbside collection.

Braasch said residents in Monroe Township are still billed separately for the services.

“Bidding in this case worked well for residents,” Braasch said.

Braasch said in Pierce Township, the waste contract is renewed in the form of a levy every few years.

He said the advantage to having a levy is everyone in the township gets waste removal services for a reasonable price, but he said the downfall is that the tax each individual pays for the services depends on the value of his or her home.

Braasch said he would be able to help the township prepare and evaluate bids if trustees decided to look into a contract for the township.

“We feel this is an advantage to the township,” Braasch said about being able to develop and bid out a contract.

Parsons asked trustees for their thoughts about moving forward with the contract and bidding process.

Trustees all agreed that they may be able to get a better deal for residents if they go with a contract.

“I think we should pursue this,” Trustee Bill Dowdney said.

Trustees Jim Sauls and Randy Perry agreed.