Amazing Race to be held in Milford

By Jordan Puckett
Sun staff

The city of Milford will host the area’s eighth annual Amazing Race competition Saturday June 15. The event is held to raise money for several different charities.

This year’s charities include the Karen Carns Foundation, Milford Miami Township Sharefest Project, Chestnut Street Historic Church Preservation Project, and the Boy Scouts of America. Other small local charities will also receive donations from the proceeds of the race.

In the last seven years, the race has raised a grand total of $360,000 that was donated to organizations such as Cancer Free Kids, St. Vincent de Paul Society, the Multiple Sclerosis Society, and the Loveland Arts Council, among many others.

Normally held in Loveland, this year’s Amazing Race will begin and finish in downtown Milford. The race is comprised of 650 teams of two that will travel nine miles on bikes, three miles on foot, and two miles in the river.

“The teams have to compete in many mental and physical quirky challenges throughout the race,” said Doug Portmann, one of the organizers of the event.

The challenges for this year are kept a secret until the day of the race. One of the challenges last year was The Fugitive. In this challenge, teams had to search the woods for a specific “fugitive” and bring back the correct one in order to advance. In another challenge, teams used fire hoses to knock balls out of a giant clown’s mouth, and in another, one blindfolded teammate was led by the voice of another to find a certain stuffed animal in a challenge called Blindfold Safari.

Five different teams are named as winners and receive congratulatory plaques. Winning teams include a team of two males, a team of two females, a team of a male and female, a child and adult team, and a company team.

The race will begin 9 a.m. June 15. At this time, three to four teams will be started into the race every minute until all teams have begun. It’s estimated that the race will take about an hour and a half for each team to complete.

After the race, participants and their families are invited to a post-race party at the Milford American Legion Post on Victor Stier Drive. The party serves as a time to talk about the race and enjoy live music, food, and drinks.

The general public is invited to watch the race and join in the post-race party. Registration for next year’s Amazing Race begins 12 p.m. the following day, June 16. Last year, all 650 teams slots sold out in less than 24 hours.