Jungle Jim’s International Market gets a sign that won’t be missed

The new Jungle Jim’s sign on Route 32.
By Jordan Puckett
Sun staff

Nine months after opening, the Eastgate Jungle Jim’s has put in a new sign along Route 32. The sign consists of an LED screen and an enormous bunch of bananas that bear the name of the grocery store.

“All of the creations at Jungle Jim’s take a heart and soul and lots of brain food!” said Creative Services Assistant Stephanie Adams. “Jungle wanted to wait until he had something visually fantastic to alert customers to his new store in Eastgate.”

The 12 x 15 foot LED screen, called the “JungleTron” by employees, will announce new events and happenings at Jungle Jim’s.

The LED screen sits just below the giant bananas.

Vince Klusty, of Klusty Sign Associates in Cincinnati, said this sign was one of the most unique designs his company has collaborated on. This unique sign is visually attractive and will certainly alert passersby to the exotic grocery store.

“There’s no way you’ll miss this sign,” said Jimmy Bonaminio, director of Creative Services at Jungle Jim’s.

The 10 x 20 foot bananas are backlit and sit 60 feet above the ground just off Route 32, next to Michaels.

“We’re all really excited,” Bonaminio said. “We love our new store and this adds to the adventure.”

Jungle Jim’s International Market is located on Eastgate South Drive next to Hobby Lobby.