Veterans Service Commission has a long history

Howard Daugherty
By Howard Daugherty

The Veterans Service Commission was born in the year 1886.

Following the Civil War our nation was in a depression with little work. Our soldiers, both Blue and Gray, were very hard pressed to make a living for their families – for those disabled, it was almost impossible.

Our forefathers had the insight and knowledge to know something must be done, and a property tax and pension became the order of the day.

Basically, there has been no change. We still have the property tax and a pension from our government. Other than inflation and the value of our money, things are as they were in 1886. Even the wounds received by our soldiers are much the same.

Arms and legs, shrapnel, bullets, mines, bombs, artillery, PTSD, well you get the picture, wounds are wounds and death is death, war is war, it’s not good for anyone of any nation or nations of this world.

The Bible says there will be wars and rumors of wars all through our history, whether it be here or on some foreign soil we all must take care of our men and women serving in our armed services they protect our rights, our freedoms, and our way of life. We at the Veterans Service Commission wish to remember all of our fallen comrades this Memorial Day, the day that we honor those who have given their all and family members for their pain and sacrifice so that our flag can fly over our capitol buildings, schools, churches, homes, and all the other places Old Glory fly’s, symbolizing our nation’s freedoms.

Howard Daugherty is the Executive Director of Clermont Veterans Services.