Bethel Arts and Music Festival coming May 11

By Kristin Bednarski
Sun staff

The fourth annual Bethel Arts and Music Festival is right around the corner and will feature a variety of arts and crafts vendors, activities, music, and other entertainment all day May 11.

“It’s a family event,” Judi Adams, BAM Fest committee chairperson, said. “There is something for everybody there.”

Adams said the event will feature arts and crafts vendors, a quilt show, antique vendors, a car show, historical museum tours, an antique tractor show, music, and much more.

She said there will be activities for children, including children’s arts and crafts and a remote control airplane display.

“The food and the atmosphere is a great way to kick off the summer,” Adams said.

Adams said they have added and changed several things at BAM Fest this year.

“We are going to have two showcase bands,” Adams said. “And we added antique vendors.”

Adams said last year they had a band perform at the end of the day, and that went well. She said this year they will have two bands perform. Byron Cox will play from 2-6 p.m. and the Tom Frietchen Band will play from 6-8 p.m.

Other bands and artists will perform throughout the day as well, including the Batavia High School Jazz Band, and Tim Snyder.

Adams said they will have antique vendors located near the Grant Memorial Building in the village this year.

“Hopefully, if we get enough of them they will be able to be down on the sidewalks,” Adams said.

She said they have also changed the layout for arts and crafts vendors in Burke Park.

“All the artists and crafters will be at the top of the hill,” Adams said. “That made it easier for them.”

Adams said they have spent the past three years trying out new things, getting feedback from vendors and guests, and making changes to improve the festival.

“You never know what is good or bad until you go through it,” Adams said.

She said each year they hope to continue to improve upon the last.

Adams said there will be plenty of free parking for the event this year at the local schools, the community center, and many of the local churches.

She said they are looking forward to another great event and are hoping to attract even more people.

“We are trying to attract people from outlying areas,” Adams said. “Come out, take time to be with your family, and have some fun. And, it’s free.”

For more information about BAM Fest, or to see a schedule of events, visit