Bethel looking into building new elevated water storage

By Kristin Bednarski
Sun staff

Bethel officials are looking into building a new water tower in the village in the coming years and discussed the project during their April 11 meeting.

Councilwoman Donna Gunn, chair of the parks and village property committee and the finance committee, said they have been discussing the need for a new water tower because of the condition of the existing water tower and the demands in the village.

“The old water tower here in the middle of town has seen much better days,” Gunn said. “I won’t say how old I am, but I remember that water tower from when I was just a little girl.”

Gunn said the water tower has served its purpose well, but the demands of the village are increasing.

Gunn said the village currently contracts with Tate Monroe Water Association for services, but they always need to consider all of their options.

Gunn said if they get rid of tower in town, Tate Monroe said they could provide the village with enough pressure.

“But, like Travis brought up, if we had a major fire in town, the consumption would be so great, it would empty our big tower north of town within two hours,” Gunn said. “And that’s just not a safe place to be for our residents.”

Gunn said they are thinking about moving forward with the construction of a new water tower, and will also have to consider the different options they have when their contract with Tate Monroe is up in several years.

Travis Dotson, village administrator, said he has submitted Ohio Environmental Protection Agency grant and loan applications for a replacement tower and a replacement and upgraded water main.

“That is also in the works and, we’re waiting to see how it goes,” Dotson said.

Gunn said they never know when they will be offered money at zero percent interest again.

“That’s something we wanted to go ahead and jump on,” she said.