Batavia board selects architect for new school

By Kristin Bednarski
Sun staff

Batavia Local School District Superintendent Jill Grubb announced and introduced the architects and construction manager for the new elementary school during the April 22 board meeting.

Grubb said Michael and Christie Boron, with CR Architecture and Design will be the architect and team leader for the building.

“We have been at CR for 15 years and have done only schools,” Christie Boron said. “We are thrilled to be here.”

Christie Boron said she has already been working with district officials touring buildings and having discussions about what the district is looking for in a new building.

“We are just starting that process,” Christie Boron said.

Christie Boron said she will be the one primarily communicating and working with school officials and making sure everything is going smoothly.

“I will be the project architect and on-site administrator,” Michael Boron said. “I will be leading the design team.”

Boron said they are already getting into the planning and design involved in the building project. He said he will be on site during the construction process as well.

Grubb also introduced Frank Regueyra, vice president of business development for Megen Construction, who will be leading the construction part of the project.

“I’ll be the project executive overseeing the top level,” Regueyra said.

Regueyra said they are excited to begin working on the project with the district.

“This has been a long journey for us,” he said.

Grubb said the fist things they will be working on are the traffic flow study, surveying and geography studies for the new road on the high school campus.

She said they will begin working at the district soon.

“The traffic study has to happen when all kids are in session,” Christie Boron said.

She said they would like to complete the study before children leave for summer break.

District officials are hoping that the new building can be completed by 2016.

“January of 2016 opening is the goal,” Christie Boron said.

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