Road work starts today in Eastgate area

Motorists in Clermont County are seeing work resume today on transportation improvements being made on Eastgate North Frontage Road and will also see work start on the reconstruction of Eastgate Boulevard over State Route (SR) 32.

“Improving safety, reducing congestion and supporting better traffic flow through the area are our primary goals for all of the work we do,” said Clermont County Engineer Pat Manger. “Transportation improvements in the Eastgate area will happen in a coordinated sequence,” he continued. “Last year, we began work on Eastgate North Frontage Road. We will continue – and complete – that work this summer. In addition to the Eastgate North Frontage Road work, we will also begin work on relocating the existing westbound entrance and exit ramps from SR 32 to Eastgate North Drive.”

Short-term traffic impacts

• Beginning today, Monday, April 22, all lanes of traffic on SR 32 will remain open, but lane widths on westbound SR 32 will be narrowed between Gleneste-Withamsville Road and Eastgate Boulevard through August 2013.

• Eastgate North Frontage Road at Eastgate Boulevard will be closed for four days, from Monday, April 22 through Thursday, April 25.

Long-term regional benefits

The transportation improvements taking place in the Eastgate area will occur in three phases: (1) Eastgate North Frontage Road improvements, (2) the reconstruction of Eastgate Boulevard over SR 32, and (3) I-275/SR 32 interchange improvements.

The construction of each of these projects builds upon the next. The improvements taking place at Eastgate North Frontage Road will lead to the work being done on Eastgate Boulevard, which will ultimately lead to the series of improvements that will take place at the I-275 & SR 32 Interchange.

The Eastgate North Frontage Road project is approximately 3,200 feet in length and will include lane realignments to allow traffic to move through the intersection more efficiently. Adjustments to signal timing have also been made to accommodate new lane movements. These changes will improve access to and from SR 32 and Eastgate Boulevard, particularly for traffic moving through the Eastgate retail hub. Work on this project will be completed this summer.

The second phase of Eastgate project work includes the reconstruction and widening of the Eastgate Boulevard structure over SR 32, the relocation of the existing westbound entrance and exit ramps from SR 32 to Eastgate North Drive instead of Eastgate Boulevard, and the reconstruction of the westbound loop ramp from Eastgate Boulevard to SR 32. Moving ramp traffic from Eastgate Boulevard to Eastgate North Drive eliminates the existing ramp intersection along Eastgate Boulevard and provides improved levels of service along the Boulevard. Work on this project will continue through the summer, pause during the holiday season, and resume next spring, with a completion date in 2014.

Strong local partnerships support the regional economy

The Clermont County Transportation Improvement District is working with the Ohio Department of Transportation to ensure timely completion of work and regular communications to area drivers.

The Clermont County Transportation Improvement District (CCTID) works across geographic and political lines to improve the quality of life for Clermont County residents by stimulating economic development through regional transportation improvements. The five-member board is made up of representatives from the Clermont County Engineer’s Office, the Clermont County Chamber of Commerce, the City of Milford, and Miami and Union Townships.

The CCTID is currently working on more than a dozen roadway improvements that will increase safety, support better traffic flow through the area, and provide the infrastructure for continued economic development throughout the county. More information about the CCTID and their project work can be found on-line at