Free oral cancer screenings to be held at Amelia East Family Dentistry

Free screenings for oral cancer are being offered at Amelia East Family Dentistry Thursday, April 18.

The screenings will be held from 1 – 4 p.m. at the practice, located at 2200 Ohio Pike, Amelia.

“This is being offered for anyone in the community, first come, first served,” office manager Dawn Lang said. “No appointment is necessary, and Dr. Pierce will be doing full oral cancer screenings.”

Lang said that Dr. Pierce decided to offer the free screenings as part of the office’s recognition of April as Oral Cancer Awareness Month.

Each year in the US, approximately 42,000 people are diagnosed with late stage oral cancer. Early detection is crucial to getting these cancers treated at curable stages.

“It used to be people 50 and older who were diagnosed with oral cancer, but in recent years it has increased in the 20 – 50-years-of -age demographic,” Lang said.

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