Road Resurfacing Project cost benefit for all involved

By Kristin Bednarski
Sun staff

The Clermont County Engineer’s Office will soon begin their second year of the Road Resurfacing Project in the county.

Clermont County Engineer Patrick Manger said the project, which includes paving for townships and villages throughout the county, has been working well for all involved.

“We started it last year, and by our accounts, it was a successful endeavor,” Manger said.

Manger said townships and counties submit roads they want to be paved for the project based on their budget for road maintenance, and then the county bids out the entire project that includes the roads in different townships and villages.

“Last year it was around $3 million,” Manger said about the cost of the project. “I usually do half of that for the county. The balance was made up by the villages and townships and all that.”

Manger said they save about 10 percent of the cost by bidding out the project for more roads and materials.

“I think everyone was happy,” Manger said about the cost savings.

He said project is an added responsibility for the engineer’s office to organize and plan, however, he said working with the villages and townships makes it easier for everyone in the end.

“It seems like it has been a positive thing for all the townships bringing government entities together,” Manger said.

Rex Parsons, Batavia Township administrator, said being a part of the program has worked well for the township.

He said the program has saved the township money and made the paving process more efficient.

“Now that the county is helping, they will go with us and measure the roads,” Parsons said. “We have a lot better idea going into the process what the price might be.”

Parsons said it is also more efficient because the bidding for the project is done all at one time by the county.

Ken Geis, Union Township administrator, also said it has worked well for the township.

“Last year was a great experience,” Geis said. “We are looking forward to more of the same.”

Geis said the only reservation they had last year about being a part of the project was the timing of all the paving.

“That did not come true as a problem for us,” Geis said.

He said they are looking forward to being a part of the project again this year.

“By doing it through this process we’re able to maximize the amount of street repaving and resurfacing,” Geis said.

Manger said working with townships and villages also makes it easier for the county to keep track of what projects are going on when.

“It certainly makes it more convenient from a construction delay and coordination standpoint,” Manger said.

Doug Royer deputy engineer for the Clermont County Engineer’s Office, said this year the project will cost approximately $3.3 million, with the county program totaling approximately $1.5 million.

Royer said 14 townships and villages are participating in the project this year including Batavia, Goshen, Jackson, Miami, Pierce, Stonelick, Union, Washington and Wayne townships and the villages of Amelia, Moscow, New Richmond and Williamsburg, as well as the city of Milford.

More than 90 roads in the county are on the list to be paved this year.

Manger said they hope to begin the project this spring or early summer and hope to be finished with the project this fall.

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