New Richmond will have officer at school district

By Kristin Bednarski
Sun staff

New Richmond Exempted Village School District board members approved a contract with New Richmond Police Officer Brandon Bock at the March 18 meeting.

Superintendent Adam Bird said the contract with the village is for the rest of the school year at an hourly rate of $22.85.

Bock went on duty March 19 at the school district. He is a graduate of New Richmond High School.

“We’re very pleased,” Bird said about having Bock present at the district. “He has been visible, he has been introducing himself to principals, teachers and students and he has been getting to know the building and safety plan.”

Bird said Bock will be in every building at the district every week, and he will be ready to respond to any building during an emergency. He said Bock will be in a different building each day on a schedule unknown to the public.

Bird said board members approved a contract for a police officer after they discussed how to improve safety and response times at the district.

“We felt like we needed to cut down response time, and we felt like this was a step in the right direction,” Bird said.

Bird said he has already received positive feedback about the decision.

“We have received thankful compliments from parents and staff members alike,” Bird said. “I believe our community is thankful for his presence and are glad we moved in that direction.”

Bird said the contract with the village police department is for the remaining school year, at which point he said they will evaluate whether they will move forward with a similar situation for next year.

“Safety and security for a school is an ongoing process,” Bird said. “We are going to continue, and have already started, evaluating for next year.”

According to a release from the district, the village of New Richmond will provide Bock with a police cruiser. The contract also details that Bock will be allowed to leave his school duty location if there is an emergency in the village. The village will not bill the district for Bock’s time if he has to leave to respond to an emergency.

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