Eric Radtke named UC Clermont Distinguished Alumnus

Eric Radtke, president of Sporty's Academy and Chief Instructor of Aviation at UC Clermont College, was named the 2013 University of Cincinnati Clermont College Distinguished Alumnus March 27. Radtke graduated from UC Clermont in 1998.
By Kristin Bednarski
Sun staff

Eric Radtke, a 1998 graduate of University of Cincinnati Clermont College and president of Sporty’s Academy in Batavia was named the 2013 Clermont College Distinguished Alumnus during the annual scholarship luncheon March 27.

“It’s truly a humbling experience to be singled out among so many distinguished alumni,” Radtke said during the luncheon.

University of Cincinnati Clermont College Dean Gregory Sojka listed some of Radtke’s accomplishments since he decided to attend school at UC Clermont.

Sojka said Radtke completed the professional pilot training program as a UC Presidential Scholar, graduated with a degree in Aviation Technology, earned a bachelor’s degree in finance, and more.

“I think the true test about the quality of our graduates isn’t just here as students,” Sojka said. “But is their contributions as professionals after they graduate.”

Sojka said professionally, Radtke spent a year as a professional airline pilot, but returned to Sporty’s in 2002 to head its flight school and direct the University of Cincinnati Professional Pilot Program.

Radtke is now the president of Sporty’s Academy, a flight school in Batavia that offers recreational to career pilot training and produces educational aviation products. He also serves as chief instructor of aviation at UC Clermont.

Hal Shevers, founder and chairman of Sporty’s, said Radtke absolutely represents a distinguished alumni.

“He is everything the college would be looking for,” Shevers said. “He is certainly everything we are looking for.”

Radtke talked about his experience at UC Clermont during the luncheon, and how his education there helped him in his career.

“UC was and is an environment that always felt warm, welcoming and right,” Radtke said.

Radtke said he remembered visiting the campus before he decided to attend the college. He said the environment at UC Clermont was all he hoped it would be.

Radtke said he was introduced to Sporty’s at UC Clermont.

“Somehow I found a way to get paid for what I love to do,” Radtke said.

He said the quality education he received at UC Clermont and University of Cincinnati helped him achieve success in his career.

“The educational opportunities available to me and others are second to none,” Radtke said about the college.

Radtke thanked his family members, teachers, mentors and others during the luncheon, and he encouraged individuals and donors at the luncheon to continue to support the college and the different programs offered.

“You are part of something very special,” Radtke said.