Kline hoping to move West Clermont LDS forward

Dr. Keith Kline
By Kristin Bednarski
Sun staff

West Clermont Local School District announced Jan. 28 that board members had selected former Assistant Superintendent Dr. Keith Kline to replace retiring Dr. Gary Brooks as superintendent.

Now, several months into his first year as superintendent of the district, Kline said he is getting settled in and ready to begin making some changes at the district.

“The move into this position has been terrific,” Kline said. “I have certainly been staying busy. Members of the community and staff have been very welcoming and helpful.”

Kline said his vision moving forward at the district is to focus first on several areas of improvement including up-to-date learning, finances, communication, and safety.

Kline said he wanted to move into the role as superintendent to have a greater impact on the district.

“I really feel West Clermont has tremendous potential,” Kline said. “We have a tradition of academic excellence and we have slipped away from that because of the financial times we are in. In the role of superintendent, I am able to have a larger impact on that as we move the district forward.”

Kline said he has already begun looking into what important things need to be done at the district.

He sad he has talked with much of the staff, members of the Parent Teacher Organization and Booster Clubs and is reaching out to the community with several Superintendent Feedback Forums this month.

“We are in the process right now of looking at staffing levels and structures of delivery of instruction,” Cline said. “We are looking at families who have left the district to learn about why that has occurred.”

Kline said they are re-inventing some of what is being done in the classroom to make sure children are more prepared for their future.

He said they are also adjusting safety plans at the district and looking to improve communication.

“We are rolling out a new website, hopefully in the beginning of April,” Kline said.

He said district finances also continue to be a big focus.

“We’re taking another look under any stone we can find to make sure the district is operating efficiently,” Kline said.

He said they need to wright the financial ship, but also make sure to continue doing an effective job educating children.

“I think this community can do better for the kids,” Kline said. “My job is to bring all of this together so we can move forward.”

Kline said he is excited to begin working with parents, staff and the community to accomplish this.

For more information about Dr. Kline, or West Clermont Local School District, visit www.westcler.k12.oh.us.