Amelia applying for two grants

By Kristin Bednarski
Sun staff

Amelia Village Council approved applications for two Community Development Block Grants during their March 12 council meeting.

One grant is for a new snow plow and the other is to purchase a piece of land on Main Street in the village.

Amelia Mayor Todd Hart said the village wanted to at least try to receive the grants, especially since they haven’t received a block grant since the 1980s.

He said they are in need of new snow plow trucks in the village but are not in the position to purchase them.

“Our two trucks are high in mileage and worn out,” Hart said. “We are not complaining, but if we have an opportunity to get a new one we absolutely should take every advantage we can.”

He said the other Community Development Block Grant they are applying for is for the acquisition of a property on Main Street.

“We have no community center here in the village,” Hart said.

Hart said the property, along with a separate property in the back, would be a wonderful location for a community center and park that could be used by village residents.

He said they currently don’t have a space where they can hold large meetings or other community events.

“It’s really nice,” Hart said about the property. “A nice park atmosphere.”

Hart said the property is not currently for sale, but they have been in talks with the owner who may be interested if they received the funding.

“We have got to try,” Hart said about applying for a grant for the funds.