Open house held at Grant Career Center

Criminal Justice student instructors, Kimberly Wilson and Austin Caldwell, work with New Richmond sophomore Carrie Stapleton during Sophomore Career Exploration activities at Grant Career Center.
Recently, staff from Grant Career Center visited with all of the Sophomores in the district to help with the career exploration process.

Students participated in an interactive presentation as they recalled past career exploration activities, discussed their current academic strengths and weaknesses, and looked at their future plans. Students heard about career pathways available at Grant, and the students selected four career training programs to visit.

Students will spend a “Power Hour” in each of their four choices during their visit and participate in hands-on activities and projects that will help them learn about careers available in the field, college programs and degrees to prepare them for their ultimate career goal.

Career and technical education provides high school students with experience in practical, meaningful applications of basic skills such as reading, writing and mathematics and offers individuals lifelong opportunities to learn new skills.

The ever-increasing cooperative efforts of career and technical educators with business and industry stimulate the growth and vitality of our local and national economies by preparing workers for the occupations forecasted to experience the largest and fastest growth in the next decade.

Visit all the program areas and see what is new at your Career Center. For more information, visit our website at b> or call the Career Center at (513) 734-6222.