Batavia Township to replace fence

By Kristin Bednarski
Sun staff

Batavia Township Trustees discussed the construction of a fence around the storage area for the maintenance facility during their March 4 meeting.

Public Works Director Kenneth Embry said the current fence they have around the storage area at their facility, located at 2401 Old State Route 32, is in bad shape and blows around if there is bad weather.

Embry said they would like to put in a new fence, and extend it some on the property because they are also having trouble with residents dumping debris around the pond.

“They think it is a dump,” Embry said. “I’ve stopped several people with trailers full of brush.”

Embry said at least three times a month individuals will get back there and dump tree limbs, brush or other materials by the pond, thinking that it is allowed.

“I am suggesting replacing the fencing,” Embry said. “That will keep people from going back there.”

Embry said the current fencing is in bad shape, so replacing the fence and extending it will solve both problems.

Embry said he asked for a quote from Eads Fence Company to replace and extend the fence. He said they came back with a quote of $7,338.

Trustees agreed with Embry about replacing and extending the fence, but they suggested he get a couple quotes from other companies in the area to see if he could get the cost down.

Embry said he would bring back several quotes for fencing at Trustees April meeting.