Rembrance to be held in Moscow

By Kristin Bednarski
Sun staff

One year ago on March 2, a tornado ripped through the village of Moscow, killing one person and destroying much of the town.

Saturday is the one-year anniversary of the tornado, and Moscow will be having a remembrance event to reflect on the devastating event.

Linda Carter, vice-mayor of the village, said they will be holding the remembrance event from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Rivervalley Community Center, located at 30 Wells Street, in the village March 2.

“It’s mostly just to have the residents, former and present, gather together,” Carter said. “To remember what has happened in the past and look forward to the future.”

Carter said it will be a nice opportunity to share stories and catch up with people who have left the village since the tornado.

“There are a lot of people who won’t be coming back, but they will be coming back for this,” Carter said. “And anyone involved with the tornado efforts is welcome to come. It’s a potluck dinner, a time of reflecting”

Carter said they felt they had to do something to remember what happened last year and talk about the future of the village, but wanted it to be informal and laid back.

“We wanted it informal, just where people could come in, bring a dish and enjoy each other,” Carter said.

Severe storms affected much of Greater-Cincinnati and Clermont County March 2.

The F3 tornado that tore through Moscow that day originated in Northern Kentucky and traveled across the Ohio River through the village.

Dozens of homes and other buildings were destroyed in the village, including the home of Carol Forste, 64, a member of village council who was killed as a result of the tornado.

In the past year, Carter said volunteer efforts have been overwhelming in the village.

She said it is difficult to name and thank all of the volunteers who helped because there were so many.

Volunteers from the community, local churches and organizations, Duke Energy and even the Cincinnati Bengals have helped pick up the pieces and help the village rebuild.

And while much has been rebuilt in the village, Carter said there is still more to be done in the future.

Carter said it will be nice to catch up with members of the community or individuals who have been involved with the tornado relief efforts.

“It’s a healing process,” Carter said. “Just seeing how people have done, knowing they are all right and looking to the future.”

Carter said another group of individuals has also rented the community center on Sunday, March 3, to hold a ceremony to thank several volunteer organizations for their help after the tornado.

For more information about the village event, call (513) 553-6870.