Mayor Hart selects new member of Amelia Council

Amelia Mayor Todd Hart swears in new council member Katie Krafka Feb. 12. From left are Hart, Krafka's boyfriend Jay Jones and Krafka.
By Kristin Bednarski
Sun staff

Amelia Mayor Todd Hart appointed a new council member at the end of January, and Katie Krafka was sworn in at the Feb. 12 council meeting.

Krafka said she is excited for the opportunity to be on council and is looking forward to contributing to the village.

She is filling the council seat vacated by former Councilman Bob Pollitt, who passed away Dec. 3.

“When Todd called I was extremely humbled,” Krafka said. “I am appointed to a position that was held by a man with a wonderful, positive impact on Amelia. I really hope I make Bob proud.”

Krafka grew up north of Dayton and moved to the Cincinnati area to attend the University of Cincinnati.

“I moved to Amelia about three years ago and automatically tried to find a volunteer opportunity,” Krafka said. “I found the recreation committee and fit in there.”

Krafka said she was able to develop relationships through the recreation committee and get more involved in village activities.

“When the opportunity presented itself I couldn’t pass it up to be more involved,” Krafka said about her interest in the council position.

Krafka said she expressed her condolences about Pollitt’s death, but also expressed her interest in the council position.

After time elapsed for council to make the decision on a new member, Hart made the appointment.

“She brings a lot to the table,” Hart said about Krafka. “She has been on recreation for several years, she does grant writing, she is younger. Those are some of the reasons we picked her. I think she will be a huge benefit for us.”

Krafka said she has watched the village struggle and succeed since she has been involved with the recreation committee, and is excited to join council as the village continues to grow.

“I am very comfortable and very excited to join this group,” Krafka said. “They are on the right track. I hope I can supplement that.”

Krafka said she feels she will bring a variety of skills to council, including communication skills and budgeting skills she gained working for a non-profit organization.

“I definitely think my ability to see the big picture is going to be really important for council,” Krafka said. “There are a lot of things we do and activities that go on that the community should be more aware of. I definitely think I can communicate with the public.”

Krafka said she would like to see the village continue to grow and attract business while she is on council.

“I believe that expanding the business district is going to be key in the coming years,” Krafka said. “Kroger is definitely the highlight of what has been done in council. I think we should carry that on in the future.”

Krafka said enticing small businesses to see that Amelia is a great place to grow and expand is important.

“Beautification projects are important as well,” Krafka said. “Promoting our parks; we have two awesome parks.”

Krafka said she has confidence that the village is going to keep growing and thriving.

“I think we’re coming out of a financial crunch, and with new partnerships and projects we will just keep building and growing,” she said.