Investigation of Miami Township shooting death is continuing

Police sketech of man wanted for questioning.
The Miami Township Police Department is continuing its investigation of the death of 65-year-old Paul Leiter.

According to autopsy results, Leiter died from gunshot wounds he suffered while at his home. He was shot at some time between 8 p.m. Monday Feb. 11 and 6 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 12.

The first call about the death came at approximately 6 a.m. from the victim’s wife, Ann Abele.

Abele told dispatchers that she had found her husband dead in his chair and that it appeared that he had been shot. she said it looked like the shots had come from outside the house and through a window. Investigators confirmed that several bullets had come through the window of the home.

Detectives from the Miami Township Police Department, along with investigators from the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification, and investigators from the Clermont County Coroner’s Office processed the crime scene.

“Ohio BCI and I were called to assist so that we might take advantage of the many technical specialists and equipment that they have, Miami Township Police Chief R. Steven Bailey said. “We want to be sure that we have applied to this investigation the most and be best resources that are at our disposal. The victim, his wife, and the community deserve no less.”

Neighborhood witnesses say they saw a man walking in the neighborhood the night of the murder. With the help of a sketch artist from the Cincinnati Police Department, the witnesses described to Miami Township Police what the man looked like.

Police emphasize that any sketch may not be a 100 percent accurate depiction of a person’s actual appearance. Anyone who thinks the person depicted in the sketch at all is encouraged to call the Miami Township Police Department.

Chief Bailey said that neighbors need not be alarmed for their safety. He said that extra police patrols have been ordered for the neighborhood.

“We are doing this both to reassure the residents that lie there, but also to provide them an opportunity to talk with us if they have something to share that could help this investigation. Flag down officers as they come through the neighborhood. We’d be happy to talk with you.”

Anyone with information about the identity of the man, or who saw him in the neighborhood, should contact the Miami Township Police Department at (513) 248-3721.