Kroger Fuel Center is now open on SR 125 in Amelia

By Kristin Bednarski
Sun staff

The Kroger Fuel Center located on the site of the new Kroger Marketplace in Amelia opened Feb. 1, according to Rachael Betzler, spokesperson for Kroger.

Betzler said the gas station, which is located at the front of the Kroger property, is ready for business.

“Often times we do get the fuel center open before the store,” Betzler said. “That will be an added convenience for customers in the area.”

Betzler said construction on the marketplace is on track and they are hoping to open the store this summer.

“It is coming along,” Betzler said about construction. “We plan to open late summer or early fall.”

She said construction crews are currently working on the exterior of the building and will begin interior work by March.

Don Weak, an Amelia resident who filled up his vehicle with gas at the fuel center, said he is looking forward to having the marketplace in Amelia.

“It’s closer and handier,” Weak said.

Paul Dunn, of Amelia, also stopped by the fuel center and said as a long-time Kroger customer, he is looking forward to the new marketplace.

The Amelia store will be the first Kroger Marketplace in the Clermont County area.

Kroger officials announced that they had purchased land for the store in the fall of 2012.

“We see the growth in the area and the need to have a better shopping experience as well,” Betzler said after the store was purchased. “We will have so many options for customers in this one store.”

Betzler said in addition to aisles of grocery products, the 123,000 square-foot store will also feature a pastry chef, a jewelry store, toys, a bistro chef, a health clinic, accessories for the home, and more.

“Customers are used to getting their light bulb at Kroger, but you’ll also be able to get the lamp,” Betzler said about the new store.

Betzler said two other Kroger stores in the area, one located at 1260 Ohio Pike and one located at 1783 Ohio Pike, will be closing just before the marketplace opens.

She said employees from those locations will relocate to the marketplace, and they will also hire an additional employees.

“We’re going to be adding 150 jobs, with a total of about 400 associates,” Betzler said.