Monroe Elementary changes drop-off and pick-up procedures

New dropoff/pick-up procedures go into effect Jan. 28 at Monroe Elementary.
New drop-off/pick-up procedures will go into effect at New Richmond’s Monroe Elementary on Monday, Jan. 28.

“Our school is implementing changes to our drop-off and pick-up procedures in an effort to increase the level of safety and security of all our students, staff, and parents,” said Monroe principal Joe Roach. “Along with providing excellent academic instruction, the safety of our students at Monroe must be our top priority.”

The Drop-Off location is being moved to the opposite side of the building in the South Lot (off Laurel-Lindale).

There will be a drop-off lane established with cones.

The earliest students can be dropped off is 8:35 a.m.

“With the increased number of students now attending Monroe through Open Enrollment, we have more families driving their students to our school than ever before.” Roach said. “These new procedures will go a long way in alleviating traffic and safety concerns.”

Parents should park their car in the South Lot (off Laurel-Lindale). Parents must walk into the building to sign out their child in person (as has always been the practice).

The new pick-up entrance will be through the Outside Cafeteria Entrance…not the Main (Buzzer) Entrance. The Outside Cafeteria Entrance will be open from 3:15 – 3:30 p.m.

Parents wishing to pick-up their child early from school or having other school business will need to be buzzed into the school through the Main South Entrance (off Laurel-Lindale).

Buses will now be dropping-off and picking-up in the driveway on the North Side of the building (off Franklin-Laurel).

There will be no parking during school hours in this small lot (next to the building).

Parents and visitors will enter the building through the Main South Entrance only (off Laurel-Lindale). As in the past, press the buzzer and state your business before entering.

Parents and Visitors will no longer have access to enter the building from the Main North Entrance (off Franklin-Laurel).

“Most importantly, these changes will help us be even more confident that our school is completely secure and that we know who is in the building at all times,” said Roach.