Batavia Township Trustees approve zoning change

By Kristin Bednarski
Sun staff

Batavia Township Trustees approved a zoning change for a property off of State Route 125 in the township during their Jan. 7 meeting.

Trustees heard the zoning case and were able to speak with the property owner’s real estate broker as well as residents who own property near the parcel.

Denise Kelley, zoning administrator, said the front part of the approximately eight-acre property, located at 1744 State Route 125, was zoned B-2, which is general business and the back part of the property was zoned R-3, which is residential multi-family.

Kelley said the property owner, Thomas Awad, filed an application to have the entire property zoned B-3, general business.

Bill Cottell, representing Awad said they are hoping to find a developer to buy the property, especially because of its position in relation to SR 125 and SR 132.

“I think this property has potential,” Cottell said.

Cottell said he believes changing the zoning to make it universal for the entire property would make sense and be a good move by trustees.

“The property is on the market now in hopes of finding a developer to do office or retail,” Cottell said. “The whole piece has a lot of potential, we would like to see something happen there.”

Several residents attended the meeting or wrote a letter asking questions or expressing concerns about the zoning change.

One resident who owns neighboring property, said his concern with the change is that a building or structure built on the property would increase creek runoff that already occurs on his property.

Trustee Jim Sauls said he understood the concern, but believes that if a building or business goes in, the owner will be required to comply with water runoff regulations.

Sauls said the situation may even be improved if a business owner was required to install drainage infrastructure on the property.

Kelley said the zoning case was presented to the Clermont County Planning Commission in November.

“The Clermont County Planning Commission recommended to Batavia Township that we adopt the resolution to re-zone to B-3,” Kelley said.

Kelley said the only recommendations the board had was to require landscaping to buffer a building or other structures that are built on the property.

Kelley said the zoning case was also presented to the Batavia Township Zoning Commission in December.

Trustees approved the zoning change at the Jan. 7 meeting.