Amelia Mayor to appoint council member

By Kristin Bednarski
Sun staff

Amelia Mayor Todd Hart is now responsible for choosing a council member to fill former Councilman Bob Pollitt’s seat.

Pollitt passed away Dec. 3, and council members failed to select someone to fill his seat in the required 30-day period after it was vacated.

They honored Pollitt at their next meeting on Dec. 11, but did not announce how they would proceed to find a new council member.

At their Jan. 8 meeting, Hart said they had passed the 30-day period of naming a new council member.

“Council did nothing,” Hart said. “It will fall on the mayor to appoint a new member.”

Julia Carney, solicitor for the village, said that because council members failed to choose a replacement member, they do not have a say in who the mayor appoints.

“They waived the right to any input,” Carney said.

Mayor Hart said he could ask for council members’ opinions if he wanted to, but he is not required to in choosing a new member.

Carney said Hart does not have a required time limit in choosing the member.

“I will take my time and pick the best candidate for the position,” Hart said.

Hart said he will likely approach residents who serve on a committee in the village to gauge their interest first.

“My first choice is someone who participates already in the community,” Hart said.

Hart said he has received some interest in the position already.

The next village council meeting will be held at 7 p.m. Jan. 22. For more information visit