Union Township offering classes in self-defense

By Kristin Bednarski
Sun staff

The Union Township Police Department will be offering two women’s self-defense classes Jan. 26 and Feb. 9 to help make women feel more comfortable about defending themselves.

Sergeant Mike Mills, of the Union Township Police Department, instructs the self-defense classes and said they are a great for any woman who wants to learn what to do in an attack situation.

“Really the whole class is about an empowerment, and having and knowing something to do, rather than doing nothing,” Mills said.

Mills said he has watched a number of abduction videos where individuals who are attacked or abducted do not know how to respond when they are approached or grabbed.

“People don’t resource any type of retaliatory strikes,” Mills said. “Typically the person being abducted is just doing aimless flailing.”

Mills said the self defense classes help teach women how to react, and provides them with the most effective strategies to stop an attack.

“A lot of the tactics are the same things I teach the police officers,” Mills said.

Mills said the tactics he teaches do not rely on size or strength and can be used by a person of any size.

“I am not teaching them to be a UFC fighter, but to be able to escape from any position and strike from any position,” Mills said.

Mills said criminals like things easy and if something is difficult they will often give up and leave.

Mills said they have been having the classes for about eight years and approximately 500 women have taken the course.

He said he has received positive feedback from many of the women who have participated.

“Everyone has said they feel more empowered,” Mills said.

Mills said the positive feedback and helping women feel more comfortable about defending themselves is what has driven him to continue offering the classes year after year.

“Everyone needs to know how to fight back,” Mills said. “Even if it is only a couple of strikes, that may be just enough to get this person to move on.”

Mills said the classes fill up quickly because they are limited to around 40 participants.

The 2013 classes will be held Jan. 26 and Feb. 9 from 9 a.m. until noon in the Queen City Room at the Union Township Civic Center.

For more information about the classes, or to register, visit www.utpd.org.