Batavia Trustees approached about building tennis courts

By Kristin Bednarski
Sun staff

Batavia Local School District tennis coaches reached out to Batavia Township Trustees during their Jan. 7 meeting about considering tennis courts for the community center.

Amber Kelley, the girls’ tennis coach at Batavia, spoke to trustees about why tennis courts would benefit the team and also the entire community.

“The park is wonderful,” Kelley said about the Batavia Township Community Center. “There is one thing I would like to suggest – tennis courts.”

Kelley said the park offers a variety of activities for children with the playground and baseball fields. She said the walking track is great for a quick walk, but tennis courts would also benefit the community, especially adults.

“Adults love to play tennis,” Kelley said.

Kelley said the closest tennis courts to Batavia are in Sycamore Park and in Union Township.

She said the courts at Sycamore Park are not in the best condition, and she said it is difficult to get an open court at Veterans’ Park in Union Township because the park is so busy.

Kelley said another benefit of having tennis courts at the community center would be that the high school could have home courts to use.

Kelley said students practice at Sycamore Park, but the courts are not suitable for matches.

“We drive to every match,” Kelley said.

Kelley said adding tennis courts would provide a place for them to play some games closer to home.

She said the matches are often finished by 6 p.m., so it wouldn’t prevent residents from using the courts.

“It would make a park that is family-friendly community-friendly as well,” Kelley said.

The boys’ tennis coach, Jon Nau, echoed Kelley’s statements, and said the Batavia Township Community would benefit from having courts.

Dave Rains, a Batavia resident, said he enjoys using the park, but would use it even more if there were courts.

“I have a hard time inviting guests to play here,” Rains said about the community.

He said he often has to drive across town to find open courts that are in good condition.

Trustee Bill Dowdney said that they would love to build courts at the community center, but is not sure they would have the funds to support the project.

Batavia Township Administrator Rex Parsons said he has spoken with Clermont County Park District about possibly teaming up to improve the courts, and possibly building a third court, at Sycamore Park.

Trustee Jim Sauls agreed that partnering with the park district on the project could be a good idea.

Parsons said he is unsure if the park district would be willing to partner up.

“They don’t seem interested,” Parsons said.