Batavia Township to hold one clean-up event this year

By Kristin Bednarski
Sun staff

Batavia Township Trustees have decided to eliminate one of their annual clean-up days in 2013, and they will instead offer a junk and recycling event three consecutive days this summer.

Batavia Township administrator Rex Parsons said the event will give residents an opportunity to recycle or get rid of unwanted items such as appliances, tires and more.

Parsons said he is also hoping to have a paper shredding company at the event so that residents can also safely shred any unwanted documents.

At the trustees’ December meeting public works director Kenneth Embry suggested only having one clean-up day in 2013. He said the turn-out for the fall event has been dropping off for the past couple of years.

“I would like to see the board reduce this to once a year,” Embry said at the December meeting. “We haven’t seen it being used as much as in the past.”

Embry said it costs several thousand dollars each year to have both events, and suggested offering one longer event in the spring.

Trustees were OK with eliminating the event and having only a junk day in the spring for 2013.

Parsons suggested making the event three days long to make sure residents have time to utilize the services. He said they would also be eliminating fees for several of the services, including appliances.

He said they are looking to have the event June 6-8, and will be held at the Batavia Township Community Center.

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