Students plan for finances and future with LOOK to Clermont

Janet Booth, a certified financial planner and member of OSUE Clermont’s Advisory Board, assists Batavia junior Jessica Pelfrey with determining a housing and utilities budget as part of Dec. 18’s Look to Clermont leadership class.
LOOK to Clermont 4-H youth learned how to make lifestyle and budget choices Dec. 18 through the Ohio State University Clermont County Extension Office’s Real Money, Real World program.

LOOK to Clermont is a youth leadership program for high school juniors and seniors selected by teachers, principals, and superintendents from each of the Clermont County school districts. As a 4-H program, the youth meet monthly throughout the school year for project-based learning activities, and juniors can earn post-secondary credit through the University of Cincinnati.

For December’s personal finance class program, 25 students participated in Real Money, Real World (RMRW), a signature program offered through OSUE. RMRW is an active, hands-on experience to teach youth about lifestyle and budget choices similar to those they will make as adults.

RMRW ultimately teaches the relation between higher education and earning power, a lesson valuable to juniors and seniors making post-high school decisions.

Students assume the role of an adult who is the sole income provider for a family. They receive an occupation, monthly salary, and the number of children they are raising. Students learn to subtract savings, taxes, and health costs from their income.

The amount of money left is what they have to spend during the simulation activity. The simulation involved staff and volunteers representing businesses found in a monthly budget.

LOOK advisors Michael Fusco, Glenda Neff, Margaret Jenkins and Kelly Royalty staffed the communications, entertainment, clothing, childcare and chance stations. Janet Booth, a certified financial planner and OSUE Clermont volunteer, staffed the housing and utilities booth. Additionally, OSUE Clermont staff Leah Meranda, Gigi Neal, Julie Lang and Krista Bradley staffed the credit, transportation, food and insurance booths.

LOOK to Clermont used to be part of Clermont 20/20 Inc. When 20/20 disbanded, LOOK was rebranded within the OSUE Youth Development umbrella as a 4-H local signature program.

OSUE Clermont is a nonformal education branch of OSU. The office merges needs of local citizens with OSU’s research through four focus areas: Family & Consumer Sciences, 4-H Youth Development, Agriculture & Natural Resources and Community Development.

To learn more or to have OSUE Clermont staff teach Real Money, Real World at your youth program, please visit OSUE Clermont at