Clermont County is getting a new radio system

By Kristin Bednarski
Sun staff

Clermont County Commissioners accepted a proposal for a new county-wide radio system for emergency services at their meeting Dec. 19.

“This solution will greatly enhance the community’s emergency communications system,” Stephen Rabolt, county administrator, said during the meeting.

Rabolt said the radio system, a P25 800/700 MHz Mixed Mode Simulcast Voice Radio System, will bring the county up to date and allow for more effective and more reliable communication in Clermont County and extending to other counties.

“It’s a change from P16 technology,” Rabolt said about the system. “This is the newest certified platform. All the surrounding counties are moving to it.”

Rabolt said the process of finding a system was long and drawn out, but commissioners felt like they made the right decision.

“I think we got the best system for the best price,” Commissioner David Uible said.

Several emergency service personnel attended the meeting and thanked commissioners for moving forward with a new radio system.

“We would like to thank the county commissioners for the fact that public safety is number one on the priority list,” Otto Huber, fire chief of Loveland Symmes Fire Department, said.

Commissioner Bob Proud said they wanted to make sure they had an effective system for safety service personnel as well as other individuals who will be using the system in the county.

“We want to make your jobs easier and more effective,” Proud said.

Rabolt said the system will cost approximately $7.7 million and is being provided by Motorola Solutions Inc.

He said the system will be used by emergency service personnel, the sheriff’s office as well as other county offices including the engineer’s office and the department of job and family services.

“This system covers anyone who has a need for outside communication,” Rabolt said.

Rabolt said they will also be able to use the system to communicate with other counties.

Rabolt said the installation process for the new system could take up to 18 months. He said they are hoping to begin installation in January.