Businesses to expand or build in Union Township

By Kristin Bednarski
Sun staff

Several businesses are either expanding or moving to Union Township in the coming months.

Union Township trustees heard six zoning cases during their Dec. 13 meeting and approved zoning amendments for the applicants.

The businesses included A & P Technology, Total Quality Logistics, Otterbein Senior Lifestyle Choices, Fifth Third Bank, AWP Properties and AE Door and Window Company.

Cory Wright, zoning administrator for the township, detailed the cases and the zoning amendments requested by the businesses. He also described any requirements the township had for those cases.

A & P Technology, a machinery manufacturing company located off Old State Route 74, is planning to build an additional structure on their property that will be used for manufacturing.

Angelo Santoro, principal project engineer with Santoro Engineering, presented the building details to the trustees.

“They have a need to grow and provide an additional manufacturing facility,” Santoro said.

Santoro explained that the owners want to construct a steel building and believe it will work well on the property.

Trustees approved the zoning amendments after they requested that the developer include a landscape plan that would surround the steel structure.

Santoro also presented building plans for Total Quality Logistics, the shipping brokerage company located in Ivy Pointe that announced plans to expand last year.

“I am pleased to present this case, and I believe it is a positive move for our client,” Santoro said.

He showed trustees changes to the original building design, including shifting the building on the property to better position it relative to the round-a-bout access on the road and a better position along the interstate.

Santoro agreed with the board’s request that they would continue the walking path on along the property of the new building when it was constructed.

“They certainly have an improved plan to the prior,” Trustee Matt Beamer said.

Trustees approved the plan and said they look forward to even more expansion from TQL in Ivy Pointe in the future.

Trustees also approved the zoning case for Otterbein Senior Lifestyle Choices, a company that is planning to build a skilled nursing and rehabilitation neighborhood on Bach-Buxton Road near Clough Pike.

According to Sue McConn, vice president of Otterbein, their plan for the nursing home is a residential-style neighborhood. She said they plan to build five separate homes that will accommodate 10 individuals in each home.

Wright said the style of the skilled nursing and rehabilitation neighborhood will fit in well in that area.

Donnellon said he is glad Otterbein worked with Union Township to bring their services to the area.

The fourth case approved by trustees was for the construction of a Fifth Third Bank ATM Kiosk to be located in front of Recker & Boerger off State Route 125 in Withamsville.

Trustees also approved a zoning change for AWP Properties, allowing the applicant to convert a vacant space in his building, located on Old State Route 74, to residential space.

The applicant already has several residential apartments in the building and requested the remaining space, originally slated for a business, be allowed for residential use.

The final case approved by trustees was for AE Door and Window Company.

Wright said the company is revitalizing a vacant building located off Eastgate South Drive, with frontage on State Route 32.

He said approval of zoning changes are necessary because the building has sat vacant for quite some time.

“They have taken steps to preserve the building on their own,” Wright said about AE Door and Window Company.

Greg Zinser, vice president and general manager of AE Door and Window Company, said they are looking forward to having a presence in the Eastgate area.

Donnellon said he is glad a company will be using the building.

“Now we’ve got a new tenant, and a prominent one, wanting to move in,” Donnellon said.