Township renews contract with sheriff’s office

By Kristin Bednarski
Sun staff

Batavia Township Trustee approved the contract renewal for police services through the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office during their meeting Dec. 4.

The contract, which is effective for the next three years, totals $1,059,748 over the length of the contract.

Rex Parsons, township administrator, said the contract is paid for by a safety levy that was passed by voters in the township in 2007 and generates approximately $340,000 per year.

Parsons said the cost of the service increased approximately $28,000 the first year of the contract because the township is paying off two new police cars.

Parsons said the vehicles, two, 2012 Ford Taurus’, arrived this spring, and deputies began using them this fall.

He said the cars have a V-6 engine and are smaller and more fuel efficient that the other vehicles.

“We’re looking at a 10 percent savings,” Parsons said about cost of the new cars.

Parsons said in addition to the cars, the only other significant increase in the contract is the purchase of Air Card technology for $500 that is used to run applications from the police car.

Batavia Township has contracted with the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office for police services since 2001.

“The contract we have is for four deputies and two cars,” Parsons said. “With that you get the resources of the entire department.”

The deputies operate out of the township sub-station located on Clough Pike in Batavia. The Clermont County Sheriff’s Office is also located in Batavia off of State Route 222.

“It’s a great relationship to have,” Parsons said about utilizing the sheriff’s office. “I feel that the sheriff’s office is well-respected in the community.”