Commissioner Uible is on the Wenstrup transition team

Clermont County Commissioner David Uible, left, will serve on Congressman Brad Wenstrup's transition team.

Clermont County Commissioner David Uible, left, will serve on Congressman Brad Wenstrup's transition team.
By Kristin Bednarski
Sun staff

Brad Wenstrup, recently elected to represent the second congressional district, has called upon several individuals to help him transition from doctor to congressman in the coming weeks.

Wenstrup announced his transition team Nov. 15, and the team will help him select a district director, district staff members and make other transitional decisions before he takes office.

Clermont County Commissioner David Uible was one of five individuals selected to assist Wenstrup.

Mark Weaver, spokesperson for the transition team, said the other members of the team include Adams County Prosecutor David Kelley, Alex Triantifilou, an attorney and chairman of the Hamilton County Republican Party, Highland County Commissioner Shane Wilkin and Diane Carnes, a small business owner and chairman of the Ross County Republican Party.

“I am honored that he asked for my assistance in locating his primary office and identifying who could serve as district director for the second congressional district,” Uible said.

Uible said Wenstrup is considering having his primary district office in Clermont County as opposed to Hamilton County where former Congresswoman Jean Schmidt was headquartered.

Uible said having an office in Clermont County would make it more centrally located in the district.

He said after redistricting, the second congressional district now encompasses portions of Adams, Brown, Clermont, Hamilton, Highland, Pike, Ross and Scioto counties.

“Clermont County has become more geographically central to this district,” Uible said. “And possibly a better place to headquarter his district office.”

Uible said he believes Wenstrup also feels at home in Clermont County because of the continuous support he has received from residents.

Weaver said Wenstrup has not yet made a decision about where the primary office will be, but he said they are considering Clermont County.

“Clermont County is an important county for this district,” Weaver said. “We have a part-time office there now in Union Township, we want to have a strong presence in Clermont County.”

Weaver said Wenstrup is could end up keeping some or all of Congresswoman Jean Schmidt’s previous office locations. He said she has locations in Kenwood in Hamilton County, in Peebles in Adams County, in Portsmouth in Scioto County and the Union Township location in Clermont County.

Weaver said they are trying to make decisions about the offices in the coming weeks to get as much as possible accomplished before Wenstrup takes office in January.

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