Glen Este 5-6 year olds complete first perfect season in program history

The Trojans are, in the first row, from left to right: C. Kinney, P. Philpot, A. Randolph, O. Baker, J. Hasty, J. Miller, K. Colwell and A. Ramirez; second row from left to right: E. Wichmann, T. Lawrence, S. Prewitt, B. Heile, J. Bennett, E. Clephane, M. Campbell and T. Conley; third row from left to right: N. Gillispie, R. Woodridge, P. Cook, C. Strause, G. Sears, T. Lawrence, N. Colwell, M. Hibbs and M. Miller; fourth row, from left to right: L. Shaw, K. Gillispie, B. Uhl, L. Combs,T. Duggins, B. Helton, L. Toft, M. Mathews and A. Hasty; coaches from left to right: S. Hogan, K. Gillispie, M. Duggins, T. Miller, R. Bennett, C. Baker and A. Prewitt
The Glen Este 5-6-year old youth football team completed the program’s first undefeated season, going 18-0 and capping off of the year with a 28-12 Super Bowl victory over Forest Hills.

“The season went pretty good, we went undefeated, had a perfect season and finished up 18-0,” head coach Tommie Miller said. “Only four played on the team last year and everybody else was brand new players.”

The team is made up of players from all over West Clermont as well as having a player come down from Georgetown to play.

“Our league is probably one of the tougher leagues in the city,” Miller said. “We have Colerain, Harrison, Forest Hills, Reading and Wyoming so it’s a pretty tough league.”

The Trojans were Southern Ohio Youth Football Association league champions and by virtue of their top finish in the league, they received the top seed in the playoffs.

The Trojans defeated Colerain in the first round of the playoffs 38-0 and then went to work against Forest Hills in the Super Bowl.

“We beat them earlier in the season 20-8,” Miller said. “They gave us the best test, so I knew they would be a tough matchup, because they gave us the best test.”

Miller said the fact that his team won every game was special because everyone played solid minutes and no one sat just because they were in the playoffs.

“They are a very good group of boys, very hard-working,” Miller said. “If you asked them to run through a wall, they would run through that wall, no questions asked.”

Congratulations to the Trojans on a great season.