Amelia tightens rules for adult businesses

By Kristin Bednarski
Sun staff

Amelia Village Council voted to tighten regulations on sexually-oriented businesses in the village during its Nov. 13 meeting.

Council members passed an ordinance amending regulations on sexually-oriented businesses, which includes adult bookstores, adult novelty shops, adult video stores, escort agencies and more.

“This will basically put more stringent restrictions and give us more ability to make sure we maintain the quality of the business,” Amelia Mayor Todd Hart said about the ordinance.

Hart said they reviewed similar regulations that were used in Union Township and other areas to amend their current regulations.

The ordinance passed by council only permits sexually oriented businesses in the “B-3” Major Business District in the village.

Julia Carney, solicitor for the village, said the “B-3” district is located along Main Street on the western edge of the village close to Lori Lane.

Carney said the regulations define a sexually-oriented business, outline regulations for the location of the business and outline general zoning regulations.

“It has to be at least 600 feet from another sexually-oriented business, religious institution, school, park or residential district,” Carney said about a sexually-oriented business in the village.

She said the ordinance also outlines regulations for exterior advertising and lighting of the business as well as zoning requirements for the businesses in that district, including proper zoning permits.

“We needed to provide areas that could be met,” Carney said about the regulations. “We couldn’t make a law that would basically outlaw them.”

Carney said the village had regulations before, but they needed re-work and add to the regulations, basically making it a new ordinance.

Hart said they passed the regulations as a precaution for future development.

“We don’t have anyone looking, but we want to make sure we have something in place in case one would want to come in,” Hart said about sexually-oriented businesses.

Hart said they also wanted to make sure they had the new regulations in place before the liquor law changes go into effect in the village.

During the Nov. 6 general election, voters approved changes to the liquor laws to allow drink-by-the-glass and Sunday sales.

“Once they started the petition for the liquor permit, we also started on that,” Hart said about the ordinance.