Amanda Davidson joins New Richmond Council

By Kristin Bednarski
Sun staff

New Richmond Council members appointed Amanda Davidson in October to fill the seat left by Vinnie Cochran.

Davidson, who grew up in the New Richmond area, ran for council last fall.

“I feel that we are eventually going to have to take over the roles of our parents,” Davidson said about running for council. “I thought being on council would be a way for me to get involved with my government.”

Davidson said she was defeated by 35 votes in the election, but when she heard that a position opened up on council she decided to try again.

“In my letter I told them I was still interested in being on council,” Davidson said. “I hope to bring fresh ideas and use my education.”

Davidson will graduate in December with a master’s degree in marketing. She said she hopes her business knowledge will be of help as a council member.

Although the village is facing difficult times ahead with decreasing funding, Davidson is hopeful that council will be able to turn things around.

“I think now is the time to be creative,” Davidson said. “We have the opportunity to not see a hopeless situation. We need to come up with some innovation.”

Davidson said she is looking forward to having influence on the public works committee and making changes that will encourage development in the area.

“We want to grow as a village,” Davidson said. “To me, getting more people in the village is important.”

Davidson said she is also looking forward to learning more about grant opportunities and working with council members to keep track of funds and make financial decision.

Councilman Richard Hilt is Davidson’s uncle, and while he didn’t influence Davidson to run, she said he has been helpful teaching her about the proceedings and formalities of the position.

Davidson replaced former council member Vinnie Cochran who announced that he would be stepping down from council in September.