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Your best friend may be living with chronic pain

Dr. Dan Meakin
By Dr. Dan Meakin

Your best friend may be dealing with the pain of osteoarthritis!

This degenerative disease is one of the most common sources of chronic pain veterinarians treat.

But now a new pain medication is improving the quality of life for dogs with arthritis and for you, their best friend.

Learn the signs. The early signs of this painful disease are subtle and, as your dog’s best friend, you’re in an ideal position to detect them.

Stiffness and difficulty rising, walking and climbing stairs may be early indications of arthritis. As osteoarthritis becomes more severe, your dog won’t act like himself. He’ll resist your touch, whimper and limp. Cold weather, sudden weather changes or heavy exercise can make the pain worse and any of these signs more noticeable.

Some dogs are more susceptible, but all are candidates. Here are the facts: While older dogs and certain larger breeds are more prone to osteoarthritis, and being overweight makes the condition even worse, this degenerative disease can affect any type, size or age of dog.

Regain quality of life. Because pain relief is now possible with new

Rimadyl (carprofen) caplets, your best friend can put quality of life ahead of pain. Rimadyl was developed specifically for the safe and effective treatment of pain and inflammation in dogs.

While this new medication doesn’t cure osteoarthritis, by relieving pain, stiffness and lameness, dogs can move freely and happily again.

Their quality of life can be improved in spite of their condition.

Having your dog regard you as a best friend is a high honor. But along with companionship comes trust and the responsibility for the well-being of your special pet.

Learn the signs of osteoarthritis, watch for them, and at the first indication, give us a call for an appointment. If we diagnose arthritis in your best friend, real relief is now possible.

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