Live Oaks students experience civic participation

Melanie Cresap, left, and Brooke Haunert, both juniors from Amelia, participated in “Cuts for the Cure,” a Cosmetology program effort which raised funds for the Susan G. Komen Foundation.
Live Oaks Career Campus students made an impact on their community recently.

As part of their government class, students were assigned to create some form of civic participation in order to realize there are many ways to affect one’s world.

Possibilities included organizing a letter-writing campaign, writing and circulating a petition, creating and conducting an opinion survey, and organizing a fundraiser.

The students embraced the assignment, creating such activities as picking up litter on the school campus, writing opinion polls on the upcoming presidential election, and organizing a clothes drive for Goodwill and “Cuts for the Cure” to benefit cancer research.

The opinion polls required writing, conducting, analyzing, and presenting the results of opinion polls on the election and current issues facing our society.

A student took it upon himself to organize a letter-writing campaign addressing the need for tax reform.

A group of students conducted a clothing drive resulting infive bins of clothes being delivered to Goodwill.

The junior and senior cosmetology students created the “Cuts for the Cure” by offering manicures and haircuts to their fellow students at Live Oaks in exchange for donations. Approximately $200 was raised for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.