Myers, Becker running for 65th District seat

Democrat Steve Myers and Republican John Becker are running for state representative from the 65th District.

Myers and Becker both see job creation as a job priority for southern Ohio and the state as a whole, but each would approach the challenge differently.

Myers has developed a jobs plan which would include the cleanup of the CECOS landfill in Jackson Township, the pursuit of local renewable energy, and the encouragement of “green-collar” manufacturing jobs.

Myers says that his plan, which would be included in the Democratic jobs bill, would create as many as 12,000 new jobs in southern Ohio by 2015.

He said that business-private enterprise partnerships are the best way to attract new businesses to the area, and to train workers for these new jobs.

“I would like to establish partnerships,” Myers said. “I worked for GE and they had great government-private partnerships.”

Becker also wants to improve job growth, and says that the way to attract jobs is to pursue a pro-business agenda in the legislature and minimize the size and scope of government.

Becker wants to eliminate the tax marriage penalty, eliminate the progressive tax structure from nine brackets to one flat tax, and phase out the Ohio income tax until it hits zero.

“This will encourage business owners to come to Ohio, encourage existing owners to expand, and hire more employees,” Becker said.