Kroger Marketplace construction underway

Construction is underway at the site of the future Kroger Marketplace on Ohio Pike in Amelia. Store officials said they expect the store to be finished early next year.

Construction is underway at the site of the future Kroger Marketplace on Ohio Pike in Amelia. Store officials said they expect the store to be finished early next year.
By Kristin Bednarski
Sun staff

Construction on the new Kroger Marketplace in Amelia is underway.

“We started construction in September and hope to be finished early next year,” Rachael Betzler, spokesperson for Kroger, said.

Betzler said the 123,000 square foot store will feature home goods, a jewelry store, a pastry chef, a little clinic, a Starbucks and more, all in addition to groceries.

The property, located at Ohio Pike near Amelia-Olive Branch Road, is shared located within both the village of Amelia and Pierce Township.

Amelia Mayor Todd Hart said Kroger officially acquired the property about a month ago.

“Kroger is now in full swing,” Amelia Mayor Todd Hart said. “They are back there working on the project. Everything seems to be going fairly decent.”

Hart said the village is also working on projects that will improve the area, including widening a part of Ohio Pike near the new Kroger entrance.

“We are underway with the roadway project,” Hart said.

Hart said they have removed many telephone and cable poles from the inside of the sidewalks and installed them further back from the road.

Hart said once Time Warner and Cincinnati Bell move their poles, they will be ready to begin construction to widen the road.

“The project is moving along and we’re moving as fast as we can with it,” Hart said about the new Kroger.

Pierce Township administrator David Elmer said the process has also been going smoothly on their end.

“We were out on site here last week to touch base with the project manager,” Elmer said. “They are still doing the groundwork preparing for the installation of footers in the near future. It appears they are within their project timeline.”

Elmer said Kroger obtained all the zoning approvals needed from the township before the construction process began. He said the township also implemented a Tax Increment Financing district for the Kroger property.

He said the township’s goal for the TIF is to use funds to pay for improvements to the intersection of White Oak Road, Lewis Road and Ohio Pike.

“Although our TIF is in place we won’t see funds until there is an increase in value,” Elmer said.

He said once those funds are realized, they can begin working on long-term infrastructure projects.

Both Hart and Elmer said they are excited that Kroger has decided to build a marketplace in the area.

Hart said the project will bring hundreds of jobs to the area and will bring revenue into the village.

“It’s going to generate revenue, it’s going to generate other business,” he said.

Elmer said having a new amenity in the township is fantastic for all residents.

“I think having the second largest Kroger Marketplace in Ohio in Pierce Township and Clermont County is a gem for all residents,” Elmer said. “Not just the quality of product and service Kroger delivers, but we hope it also serves as a catalyst to inspire other high quality development in the area as well.”

Betzler said the other two Kroger stores on Ohio Pike will be closing. She said the store located at 1783 Ohio Pike is owned by Kroger and they will be looking to lease or sell the property. She said they leased the store space at 1260 Ohio Pike and future leasing will go through the landlord.

“The two smaller stores will close the night before we open the new store,” Betzler said.

She said Kroger saw the growth in the area and saw a need for a larger store there.

“We will have so many more options for customers in this one store,” Betzler said. “It will be a one-stop shopping experience.”