Green, McNeely vying for 66th District seat

Republican Doug Green, from Mt. Orab, and Democrat Kenneth McNeely, from Williamsburg, are running for state representative from the 66th District.

Both candidates said that the jobs situation in southern Ohio is the biggest issue that would be facing them if elected.

“The big issue is the lack of jobs,” Green said. “That’s my focus.”

Green said that many of the state and federal governments’ licensing and permitting processes hinder businesses as they try to open or expand, and those processes should be reformed.

“We need to have some coordination in that, to streamline the process,” he said.

McNeely said that the state needs to become engaged in the issue of job creation. He said that the state has the same responsibility as the federal government to promote growth, but has failed to act.

“They have not proceeded on anything as far as job creation in the state,” McNeely said.

McNeely said that one of the areas the state could focus its efforts is job training.

“The former Ford plant on route 32 could be utilized as a training facility for different jobs,” he said.
“It could be like work-study, a combination of classroom and on-the-job training, something more in-depth than what they do at a vocational school.”