Renewal levy for operating expenses on ballot for Felicity

By Kristin Bednarski
Sun staff

Village of Felicity has a 3.5 mill renewal tax levy on the November ballot this year, and officials are hopeful residents will pass the levy so they can continue to maintain services in the community.

Heather McIntyre, fiscal officer for the village, said the levy would not increase taxes because it is a renewal.

“It goes to current operating expenses, which helps pay police salaries, street lighting, maintenance of parks, buildings, property and other general operating expenses,” McIntyre said.

Felicity Police Chief Ray Hesler said the levy said renewing the levy is very important for the village.

“If we lose this renewal levy there are going to be a lot of changes around here,” Hesler said. “That supports the whole village.”

He said if the levy is not passed, many these services for the public will decrease or have to be eliminated.

As far as the police department goes, Hesler said he is the only full-time officer working in the village.

“My police budget is one of the smallest in Clermont County,” Hesler said.

He said without a levy, the budget for police protection would likely have to be cut even more.

“If it doesn’t pass I have a feeling people are going to have less protection,” Hesler said. “There just isn’t going to be money to run the place.”

Hesler said he knows many villages are facing the same challenges and some are even running out of money to provide services.

McIntyre said if it is passed, the 3.5 mill levy is expected to generate $9,716 per year for the village.

She said the levy would cost home owners approximately $61 per year for a house valued at $100,000.

The five-year renewal levy would first commence in 2012 and would first be due in 2013.