Waste levy back on ballot

By Kristin Bednarski
Sun staff

Pierce Township residents will have the option to replace a 2.3 mill waste levy this November for trash pick-up services in the township.

The 2.4 mill levy was first passed by voters in November of 2007, according to David Elmer, township administrator.

The replacement levy will be used to pay for weekly residential-only waste collection for 4,400 residential properties as well as other township waste removal including roadside litter and yard waste from parks, cemeteries and other public grounds.

Elmer said that from a contractual perspective, advantages of having a levy include one contract for the entire township, less garbage truck traffic in neighborhoods and less trash sitting out.

He said Rumpke provided the lowest bid for the services and would be the trash collection contractor if the levy passes.

According to Elmer, the township has approved a levy for waste collection since the 1970s.

Elmer said if the 2.3 mill levy is passed in November, it would generate approximately $769,000 for the services in the township, and would cost residents approximately $70 per year for a house valued at $100,000.

He said while the levy amount is the same this year, the rate for waste removal actually decreased from last year because they bid out the waste contract this year.

“As a result of that competitive bid, Rumpke submitted a significantly lower rate,” Elmer said. “In exchange for that, we were able to negotiate into the contract full-service recycling, which up to this point was offered to residents at their own expense.”

Elmer said contracting with Rumpke enables them to able to have one billing source for the entire township, which reduces their costs.

“That makes the cost significantly lower,” Elmer said about the price for residents.

If the levy fails, Elmer said residents will be responsible for negotiating individual subscriptions with a trash hauler of their choice.