Jackson Twp. officials hope to replace fire levy

By Kristin Bednarski
Sun staff

Jackson Township residents are being asked to replace a 2 mill levy for fire and EMS services this November.

According to Harold Herron, fiscal officer for Jackson Township, the replacement levy will be used to help furnish the fire department and pay for EMS services the township receives from Stonelick Township, Williamsburg and Wayne Township.

“Jackson Township is a small township, one of the smallest in Clermont County,” Herron said.

He said because of this, the township lacks industry that would bring in tax money and help support the fire department without outside funding.

“We absolutely need this levy to continue to provide services for the residents of Jackson Township,” Herron said.

Herron said the 2 mill levy would cost home owners approximately $30 per year for a house valued at $50,000 and approximately $61 per year for a house valued at $100,000.

He said it is estimated that the levy will generate $109,000, which would go toward fire department operations including equipment, salaries and supplies as well as contracted EMS services.

Herron said without a levy, the fire department would not be able to afford these salaries or any new equipment. He said they also would not be able to afford EMS services from other townships.

“If we lose that it would just be devastation to the fire department and to the residents of Jackson Township,” Herron said about the levy.

Herron said the levy passed by around 60 percent the first time. He said he is hopeful residents will support the replacement levy this year.

If the levy fails, he said they could attempt to pass it again in the next election, but that is not something they want to resort to.

“We don’t want to cut it that close,” Herron said.