Clermont NE tennis on a mission to improve every day

CNE’s first singles player, Brittany Woermann.

CNE’s first singles player, Brittany Woermann.
The Clermont Northeastern tennis team is on a mission to get better. Every day, every match.

Coach Liz Benjamin was adamant in that sentiment. Wins or losses come second to whether or not her team has done something better today than they did yesterday.

“We’re improving every match,” she said. “I would like to be able to finish at .500 or get a couple more wins, but I want to make sure that every match is an improvement.”

The Lady Rockets record may not be the best around at 1-7, but Benjamin believes that if her team continues to work hard to get better, the points, sets and eventually, the matches will go her team’s way.

The Lady Rockets have a team made up of mainly upperclassmen. Cori Hedberg, Elizabeth Glasgo, Katelyn Writsel, Lillian Arther and Sarah Harr comprise the senior class that leads the Lady Rockets. Juniors Brittany Woermann, Celeana Lambing, Lauren McHenry and Lindsey Hunt are doing what they can to help build up a solid foundation that will succeed the senior class.

The lone underclassman on Benjamin’s roster is Shannon Carwell.

Playing in the first singles for the Lady Rockets is Brittany Woermann.

“(Woermann) is a junior in the first singles for and she’s doing really well,” Benjamin said.

In second and third singles, Benjamin starts a pair of seniors in Writsel and Hedberg, respectively.

The Lady Rockets have seen most of their success in the doubles matches.

In the first doubles matches for the Lady Rockets, another pair of seniors take to the court in Glasgo and Arther. The duo has a respectable 2-3 record on the year and Benjamin says that they continue to improve.

The best record on the team belongs to the CNE second doubles squad of Sarah Harr and a partner-by-committee. Benjamin says that Harr plays pretty much every match and she rotates in some juniors to play with her. At 4-2 on the year, the second doubles team has played well throughout.

The Lady Rockets have four matches remaining in their 2012 campaign during which they will play Felicity, Batavia, Blanchester and Georgetown.